Watson Mill Sunday

Kate and Sarah organized an outing to Watson Mill State Park on Sunday, and we had an amazing time.
The one-lane covered bridge, built 1885.
We found this shady spot for our picnic, with a view of the waterfalls.
Here are Cheryl and Sarah.
And here’s Kate, aka “Paparazza.”
It’s official, it’s a picnic. The first ant.
We had a great spread of food, including the best strawberries I’ve ever eaten, which Kate got Saturday when we hit the DeKalb Farmer’s Market, some sweet cantaloupe and blueberries, egg salad and carrot chips, and salsas and chips and Pringles and on and on.
After we finished eating, we hit the wet rocks. Cheryl got pictures of us sliding. Here I am. Yeeha!
And Sarah.
And Kate.
Large rocks!
The light at the end of the tunnel!
We enjoyed playing under the waterfalls and sliding on rocks and exploring. Kate and I came across a large snake with a fish halfway down its throat. I thought it was a copperhead, because it seemed to have hourglass-shaped markings, but today my coworker Walton (who worked on our Snakes book) told me it was probably a Northern Watersnake, which isn’t venemous. It was a gorgeous set of oranges, set off by the green of the fish. Kate went to get her camera but the snake got tired of an audience and moved–with its huge catch hanging from its jaws–under a big rock.
We had so much fun! See! We all agreed we should come back soon.
Afterwards we went by Liana‘s house, where we enjoyed pie and beer. Divine pie and beer. The best pie you’ll ever eat and beer. She and Derek have a beautiful house right near the park. Very picturesque. Especially with the Bug set in the middle, with her blue eyes and blonde hair and cherry juice dripping down her arms.
An idyllic trip. I’m ready for more. Is it the weekend again yet?

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  1. ChattyAli says:

    Looks like so much fun!!! I definitely want to come next time 🙂

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