A New Word

My mother has taught me many unique words, including gradoo and doof. Most recently she has taught me geeha. (I’m just approximating spellings, since I’ve never seen these words written.) Geeha evidently means to make things come out even, work together, synchronize. She said something about trying to get different busy schedules to geeha. (At first I thought she was saying jihad, which is what I sometimes wish to declare on my busy schedule. Or at least holey war.) She learned the word from her father–it is a mule-driving term, the command you’d shout to mules to get them to pull together. Which must’ve been a true art.
I have not been able to get yarn to geeha lately. I’ve been trying desperately to finish some knitting projects to clear off my guest bed so my brother and his friends can fit into my house next weekend. I finished the second front side of Central Park Hoodie only to discover that the cables are smaller on the right side. I’m definitely going to rip the small-cable side out and start over. Eventually. I fear the whole sweater will ultimately turn out too small, which is ironic, since I’m making this sweater from the yarn I used on Tubey, which was way too big.
And the sweater I’m making for my brother, when tried on, was way too big, so I’ve got to start over on that too.
The stockinette stitching on Ms. Marigold came out all lumpy. Already ripped and ribbed as per the pattern, but I’m not so sure about its results either.
And I started a new sweater for myself, from Fitted Knits, and I don’t understand how, but it has come out quite huge and the opposite of fitted. I’ve tried throwing in decreases, to the poinit of excess, but even still the sweater remains too big. I did a gauge swatch, followed the pattern for the smallest size, and gained weight, but alas, lots more ripping in the future.
I’ve had so many discouraging setbacks, I think I might have to give up sweaters.
At least I did manage to finish these little booties for my cousin’s baby, who was born last week. Her middle name is Daisy, after my great-grandmother, so I made these white with a little yellow trim. I used size 3 needles instead of 2, because my 2s were occupied elsewhere, but the booties turned out fine, if a little looser.
At least I can geeha ducks in a row. Well, one duck. Okay, fine, one rubber ducky.

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5 Responses to A New Word

  1. Liana says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of knitting! If I were trying to clear off a guest bed, though, I’d just shove the projects under it. And I think Ms. Marigold looks lovely.

  2. stephanie says:

    Awww… those little booties are adorable! And if it makes you feel any better, your knitting is much appreciated. Sam played with his dinosaur for his entire tummy time session this morning (while wearing his dinosaur onesie!). I should’ve taken pictures–it was very cute!

  3. Jenny says:

    DON’T DESPAIR. We must talk knitting. Don’t don’t despair. Something is cosmically off with your gauge but we can fix it I promise. I would be happy to look at any of your sweaters. You knit beautifully! Don’t give up!
    Also: I’m so sorry about Jewel, and that I didn’t know of her demise.
    Also – gorgeous booties!
    Also – gee and haw I think tell the animal to turn left and right. Or right and left, I’m not sure which.
    xoxoxo. HEJ

  4. Cousin Sarah says:

    Hey Cuz!
    Did you know that our Uncle Jack(son) has a myspace page?
    Email me for details…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Your word “geeha” is probably a compound of “gee” and “haw” meaning “left” and “right.” These words are still used by dog sledders in Alaska today.

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