Chicken Soup

I am sick. Big time head cold. Ears, eyes, nose, throat, whole deal. Mending with chicken soup with white pepper, lots of hot tea, and high doses of acetaminophen.
Between naps, to cure the boredom and distract myself from the obnoxiousness of having to keep a tissue stuffed up my nose, I’ve watched a few episodes of Buffy on DVD, ripped out the small-cable side of Central Park Hoodie, and filmed my chickens.
I’ve never done YouTube before, but here’s my attempt. RIVETING and sharp footage of chickens. Here’s Corabelle taking a dust bath. I was kinda hoping she’d do the head roll, where she rolls her head under her in the dirt, but she was nervous with me so close. Maybe she could smell the broth on my breath. Rose is behind her scratching the earth as well, but she’s just looking for something good to eat.

And here’s one of Corabelle getting ready to take a bath, when Rose suddenly decides she must be close by. It just made me laugh.

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