Quick Baby Sweater

Heard a very dear friend recently became a grandmother, so I needed a quick but nice knitting pattern to make a gift in a hurry. I searched Ravelry and found a pattern for the Ultimate Quick and Easy Baby Sweater. I bought the pattern, then went to Main Street, where Darilee and Stephanie helped me pick out Cascade 220 Superwash Wool, which I doubled to get gauge.
Here it is, in progress, laid out on the Professor’s slate floor. He has much better backdrops on which to photograph knitting.
As the pattern promised, it knit up quickly and easily. It wasn’t a particularly challenging or interesting pattern, but the sweater turned out pretty cute in its simplicity. The wool is a little scratchy for my taste, but I figure washability is more important, plus it will be worn over layers, since baby Eli lives in Chicago. Here it is finished. It has a tie closure at the neck.
When I gave my friend the gift today, and we talked about old times, I realized that I used to channel my nervous energy into creative writing, but now I channel it into knitting. Surely I have enough nervous energy to fuel both, but not enough time to burn my abundant supply. If only obsession and anxiety and the compulsion to create could run cars–it would mean the end of war, pollution, and crazy gas prices. (Notice I went from least to worst evil there.) The parallel between writing and knitting explains the vast population of knit bloggers. Um, maybe I should use my free time to take a course in logic or reasoning. Nah. Making it up is more fun than being accurate.

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  1. If there was a way to make cars run on guilt, the South would become a global dominant economic force.
    Oh, and please write more. It is fun when you do. Keep up the knitting, but the writing is fun.

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