Board Game Night

Saturday night Cheryl had us over for board games. There were lots of fun games to choose from.
We ended up playing Apples to Apples and Beyond Balderdash until the wee hours. Here are Steve, Mike, and our fun host, Cheryl.
The Professor, the Fabulous Anne Marie, Steve, and Mike.
Alison and Melanie, who was designing a gorgeous sock pattern while playing.
We had a great time playing both games, but we especially got a kick out of Mike’s answers for Beyond Balderdash. So much so that I was appointed steward of his answers and was given the responsibility to reproduce them faithfully and share them with the world. Some of their brilliance is lost out of context–particularly the Mexico references–but they still make me laugh out loud.
Each round of the game, players are given a word, date, acronym, person’s name, or movie and must try to guess the definition, significance, or plot and come up with the most convincing answer, because in the next step, everyone votes for what they believe is the correct answer. The better you guess and the better you lie, the better you score. We had some very convincing and creative fibbers at the table, but Mike stood out with the best answers. Here they are. (Keep in mind, these are not for those with delicate sensibilities.)
Acronym: BHGA
Mike says it stands for: Bangin’ Hoes Going All night!!
Mike says it means: A sturdy plastic tent used in Australia.
[actually, I was convinced by this one]
Movie: Get to Know Your Rabbit
Mike says this film is about: A bipolar dyslexic rabbit addicted to meth finds true love with a transvestite Nazi nun in a Catholic parish who is questioning her faith. In trying to discover the meaning of her life she learns about what it takes to truly know a rabbit.
Person: Hugh Moore
Mike says: Hugh is famous for making fart jokes in Mexico after people ate the “grande burrito diablo.”
Mike says it means: An acrobat move done by gymnasts who bend forward backwards while doing a triple summersault while wrestling blind midgets in a ring of whip cream and mud.
Date: September 4, 1923
Mike says its significance is: The American people declared this day to be “freed slaves day.”
Mike says it means: A rooster who is engaged in fucking a pillow while the farmer watches.
Mike says it means: The effect you get when you go to the penis enlargement doctor in Mexico that changes the tone of the color of your penis to better suit the women you are boning.
Can’t wait for the next game night!

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5 Responses to Board Game Night

  1. Carrie says:

    oh. my. god. I can’t believe we missed that! I heart Balderdash.

  2. I love Balderdash. There was one game I played where the definition was, “A condition where your golf score equals the number of nasal hairs you have.”
    Sadly, I forgot what the word was.

  3. Shawn says:

    Me too! Balderdash is the best boardgame ever.

  4. Melanie says:

    HA! I’m now laughing AGAIN at Mike. Oh and whee! I have pigtails!

  5. Steve says:

    Courtney, nice job with the “game night” information. But you left out who won the games.

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