A Bling Halloween

Last night a bunch of us went downtown to see all the creative costumes and to hear Packway Handle and Bling the Children Back Home play. But first, we got in costume ourselves.
Kate had the brilliant idea to go as a pillow fight. She dressed herself up in a pillow case and stuck feathers all over. Sarah and I decided to join in, and we got gussied up in our PJs, and feathers flew. There might have been a few black eyes and bruises.
In the end, we all made up.
Pillow Fight!
Downtown we met up with an ’80s aerobics instructor and Jaegermeister.
Together we tromped around to see costumes. I snapped a picture of this octopus and fish–I liked his use of shower curtain rings.
Professor Honeydew and Beaker!
Professor Honeydew and Beaker
I didn’t have that many pictures turn out, actually. But there were some amazing costumes. You can see more on Spotted. Including us. My favorite costumes of the night were The Flight of the Conchords boys, Jemaine and Bret, in their robot costumes. I didn’t have time to snap a picture, but I yelled out I wanted to hear the binary solo, and they obliged. Hee! Here’s a clip of the video, but it doesn’t include the solo–that was at the end of the episode. Still. Hillarious. The distant future, the distant future.
The pillow fight girls managed to stay up late enough to hear the bands. It helped that we had passes because we are friends with a singer. (In case you have trouble reading between the lines: I am cool. Also, how high do you think I was getting *a deal*?) Here’s a shot of Bling. Check out sexy Elvira!
Bling the Children Back Home
It was a happy Halloween again in Athens. Now I have a whole year to think up my own costume idea. . . .

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  1. Jenny says:

    Oh!!! fun times!! I love Halloween in Athens!

  2. Lara says:

    Pillow fight is SUCH a cute idea! and damn, that Elvira IS sexy!!! 🙂

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