Bostwick Cotton Gin Festival

I’m still sick, but I couldn’t stand to miss the Bostwick Cotton Gin Festival, so the Professor and I went. I stuffed my bag and pockets with tissues and carried Purel to disinfect my hands every time I sneezed. It was a tiresome process, but I think I kept from spreading the enduring joy. Of course, doing that instead of staying in bed might be while I am still sick.
We had fun looking at the antique tractors.

Learning early. Can’t you just see this painted on a commemorative plate?
Six-week-old calf. So. Cute.
Trash bottles in the sun
Seed house
Cotton knitting in front of the cotton gin
I took a few very short videos inside the gin before my camera battery gave out. Here’s a glimpse. And a hint at how loud it is. Notice how the cotton flies around like snow.
Gin dropping in raw cotton and removing seeds

Seeds dropping

Scan of the upper levels of machinery

Pretty clean soft cotton ready for baling
On the way back we stopped by Reeds Odds and Ends, where I found some sugar bowls and aprons for Christmas gift projects I have in mind, as well as “Fiestaware” teacups for ten cents each! Score! He has three thousand more pink cups, if you’d like to add to your set.

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  1. jodi says:

    Hah! I bought a dollar’s worth of those pink fiesta ware cups at Reid’s last year. I’m drinking my tea out of one right now, in fact. Some of them looked like birds had been building nests in them, but they clean up good.

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