Happy Birthday, Scorpios!

Chip threw a Scorpio party. It was super fun, even for us Pisces.
Scorpio Party
We got to wear glowy necklaces and crowns and rings.
Scorpio Party after Dark
And sing karaoke video games and play Guitar Hero.
Guitar Hero Professor
I was pretty bad at both, but had fun anyway. This is someone else’s game. One with a score. I got booed off stage.
Guitar Hero
I also got to see my dear friends and distant family Christie and Rob this weekend, and they regaled me with great stories and insight and took me and the Professor to the Blue Willow Inn for supper. Alas, I forgot my camera, so no pictures of UGA Gnomes or Blue Willow plates or helpings and helpings and helpings of incredible food. It was good training for Thanksgiving. Let the feasts continue!

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