Henhouse News

I found an egg in the coop this morning!
I think Corabelle is over the stress of molting. Her feathers still seem short, but brighter. I expect she still has a few to lose–those on her legs seem a little worn–but I gather the bulk is over. She definitely looks better than she did at the height of molting, when I was convinced she was dying.
Corabelle after Molting
With her shorter feathers, she seems smaller than Rose, but is still head hen. It’s possible Rose laid this egg, since she’s long overdue to start, but somehow I don’t think so. It has Corabelle’s distinctive longish shape. But I would be delighted to be proved wrong by finding two eggs tomorrow.
Rose and Corabelle

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  1. The Professor says:

    Yea for eggs again…Yea for Corabelle…you go girl!

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