I’ll Have a Cheap, Cheap Christmas, without Money

One of the good things about being poor is that you get to use your creativity. I decided not to invest in a Christmas tree this year, and knew I’d miss the wonderful smell of cut conifer, so I asked the Professor and my folks give me the bottom branches of their trees, the ones they trimmed off to fit the trees in the stands. I snipped up the branches, bound them together with twine, and worked them into a wreath frame I saved from last year.
birth of a wreath
It was fun and quick, and smelled delicious, and eventually I had a reasonably well-shaped wreath.
wreath in progress
Then I snipped some nandina berries and rosemary from my yard to give a little color and variety.
Homemade wreath
It’s simple and plain, but that’s how I like it. I might add more as I find it around the yard. For instance, the Professor has a beautiful hemlock in his front yard filled with little cones. Four or five tree branches was more than enough for a wreath and two swags. I probably could’ve made two or even three more. I might’ve, but didn’t immediately think of a substitute for the form I used, plus I’m low on time. Maybe next year I can make them as early Christmas gifts. Now, back to the freelance work, which is the reason I took the day off from my real job today. . . .

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