A Tacky Christmas

My friend Cheryl threw a super fun party last weekend, a Tacky Christmas Party. Here she is donned in tacky Christmas duds.
Cheryl, Tacky Christmas host
Kate and I did our best to dress accordingly.
Kate and me at the Tacky Christmas Party
Although I think the Professor might’ve taken the prize with his combination.
The Professor and me at the Tacky Christmas Party
What you should know is that we all already owned or borrowed these articles of clothing.
One of the highlights of the party was the tacky gift exchange. There was so much great stuff! A talking fly swatter (“Flight canceled”), the coveted bowling glasses, a stamp to make the Virgin Mary appear on your toast, some stuffed smiley face characters, a lava lamp, and what I ended up with–a dashboard Captain Jack Sparrow, who is prompted to speak about rough seas when you drive over speed bumps. Awesomely bad.
Here’s what I gave. I regifted most of this, but got the car air freshener at a little shop in Decatur because it made me laugh hysterically. It says, “Only my cat understands me” and is flavored “Fancy Vanilla.” The back shows a roaring fire and says, “Tonight we’ll stay in and snuggle” and “Together Forever.” The cat looks sore afraid.
tacky Christmas gift
Even with my cat allergy, I’m so close to being that woman. If chickens could be trained to use a litter box, they might be subjected to constant snuggling as well.

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  1. “Sore afraid” is my favorite phrase from the Christmas story.

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