Farm Running at Full Capacity

Corabelle is laying again after her molt, so I’m back to about two eggs a day. Rose’s eggs are a darker brown.
Eggs by Corabelle and Rose
Rose has been wanting to get out of the coop more, but because the days are so short, on work days I can let them out only in the morning. Two nights ago, I got home a bit early, so I let Rose out at dusk for about twenty minutes. It grew pretty dark, and she was ignoring her chicken sense to go in, so I started nudging her toward the door. Just as we got there, a huge owl swooped down very close, then perched right overhead, waiting for an opportunity. It wasn’t a horned owl, but was almost as big, and magnificent. Rose panicked a bit, but I managed to get her in the coop and locked up tight. Thankfully, starting Sunday, the days will start growing longer.

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