Chickens on Film

After the run-in with the hawk, the chickens were pretty jumpy. They would make this alarm call, which is faint but like a low purr.

Then they relaxed and drank water, which I filmed too, because I find it amusing to watch. They have to lift their heads to get the water to go down their throats.

And I built them a chicken tractor, a cage that should protect them from hawks but can be moved around the yard, for fresh patches to scratch and poop in. Then in less than fifteen seconds, Corabelle got out. So, I reinforced the bottom. I did all this hastily because it was crazy crazy cold outside this weekend, so later I’ll go back and even the pieces of PVC, get netting that chipmunks haven’t chewed through, and clip the ties, but it seems to work reasonably well for now.
Chicken tractor
Also on film this holiday weekend was The Savages, and a bunch of us went to see it at Cine and have supper at the National, with their Monday night $25 deal for dinner and a movie. Good deal. Yum food. My cod was good, but the Professor’s steak was better. The acting was brilliant. The characters were all very real and sympathetic in their own ways, even though they were all pretty screwed up and not always nice people. So more realistic. Now I’m depressed because the three-day weekend is over. Trying to keep in mind it’s just a four-day week. . . .

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