Lovin the Louvins

I stumbled across this album of covers of some of the Louvin Brothers’ songs, and I’m in love. I go from elation to tears. That’s some good music, there. So far my favorites are Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell on “My Baby’s Gone,” Patty Loveless and Jon Randall on “Are You Teasing Me,” Dolly Parton and Sonya Isaacs breaking my heart with “The Angels Rejoiced.” And in “Keep Your Eyes on Jesus,” sung by Pam Tillis and the Jordanaires, Johnny Cash gives a homily. What can be better than that? I think I’m somehow cousins with Pam Tillis, so that makes me two degrees of separation from Johnny Cash. And as I’ve proudly mentioned before, often to blank stares from non-Georgians, I’m also kin to Lewis Grizzard. I’m practically royalty.

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  1. Cousin Sarah says:

    You were already two degrees from Johnny Cash (well, not in relation but just in knowing)…Johnny’s supplier lived in Canton, and I think he may have been the vet for the farm…or just a vet in town…either way he was known by the family!

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