A Taco Choco Birthday

The Professor had a birthday party this weekend, and it was a lot of fun. We ate tacos.
Taco time
Then we waited for dessert–a chocolate fountain with strawberries, bananas, apples, and pound cake to dip into it.
Dessert, please
But then, tragedy struck, and something started to go very wrong with the chocolate fountain.
Is the chocolate fountain supposed to clump like that?
But tragedy averted! Though somewhat gloppy in form, it was still yummy chocolate and we ate it up.
Gloppy but delicious
Then there was knitting . . .
While the girls knit
. . . and Wii-ing. Not pictured is Beth, who was beating them handily.
The boys Wii
We ended up the night with a fun but tense game of Taboo. I might’ve thrown a snit because I was told I was not supposed to use the taboo words or indicate the words with gestures. You know, the rules. I wasn’t trying to cheat. I just couldn’t help it!
Taboo time

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  1. The Professor says:

    The party was fun and thank you all for coming out. You were WAY too kind to eat all the nasty chocolate from the fountain!

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