Welcome to the Family

My Cousin Sarah and her husband are expecting a baby boy very soon and I am very excited. For now he’s called Quiet Wyatt. Saturday there was a shower at the church, and amazingly I didn’t scandalize the ladies with these skull-and-crossbone soakers.
Sarah opening the Jolly Roger soakers I knit
This is exactly was a preacher’s baby should wear. I chose the garment and pattern based on some things Cousin Sarah mentioned she would like to have. I made three in increasing sizes. Here’s the back of the littlest one.
Back of small size
And the front.
Front of small size
I used this soaker pattern and the chart for this pattern for the skull and crossbones. I don’t quite understand how soakers–that is, covers for cloth diapers–are supposed to work, but I followed the directions so hopefully they will function properly.
While at the shower, I heard some great family stories. Like my mother told about how–when I was young–she went to England and attended a musical with friends’ parents, the Eagles, very proper English folk (Colonel Eagles is kin to the queen and we would see him on television in formal processions). They saw Privates on Parade. And she was surprised to find they didn’t just mean military privates. She saw lots and lots of privates.
I also heard that when my grandmother was very pregnant with my Aunt Joan, her youngest child (and Cousin Sarah’s mother), that my grandfather had to go to the state fair to work, and some of their friends went along. Gran was furious that Pop left her in that condition, off having a high time, so to spite him (her words) she drank an entire bottle of castor oil. And Joan was on her way. Um . . . yeah.
This gift at the shower was probably the best one. It articulates little Quiet’s thoughts before he can.
The perfect bib
We can’t wait to meet you, little fella! And don’t worry–we may be crazy, but we have lots of fun and laughs and love.

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