A Weekend in Athens

It was a gorgeous weekend. The Professor and I spent it resting and recovering and seeing the local sites.
Saturday morning we went to the new Farmer’s Market in Bishop Park, but they’d sold out of produce by nine a.m. I wasn’t planning to buy food anyway, since my appetite wasn’t back. The market is just about a mile from my house, so I might have to start a Saturday-morning-walk-to-the-market ritual.
Next we went to the scenic and fragrant dump, to take old wood from my yard. The wood has been sitting by the shed since early phases of remodeling–I always thought I’d use it to make birdhouses or something, but two and a half years later, I was ready to be rid of it. The folks at the dump sent us to Area 51. There were lots of buzzards. And a delightful, delightful oozing smell.
Area 51 at the dump
We cleaned up and had a late lunch at Trax, a new restaurant in the old Leathers Building on Pulaski. We dined outside in the gorgeous day and watched the birds. The Professor wished for trains, but I was grateful not to have the noise. Every once in a while we got a whiff of something foul. My guess is the poultry plants down on Chase. Our sandwiches were tasty–I had a roasted red pepper, tomato, avocado, pesto combination. I will definitely go back.
View from Trax
Saturday night we went for ice cream downtown, and we came across empty Barnetts. It was sad. I took a picture. I’m glad to know Chip has a memento.
Barnetts Newstand, closed

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