Knitting through Fatigue

I am so tired. I come home at night and by 7:30 I am ready for sleep. But I don’t sleep. I stubbornly fight it off, anxious to eat dinner and wash dishes and knit. This strategy is not working so well. Tonight I fell asleep on the phone, mid-conversation. I don’t think it was for long, at least. And my knitting speed is anemic. I probably am too. I am tired of being sick!
But I really want to make more progress on my Surplice Bodice Camisole, even though I am in the very dull repeats. This pattern renewed my knitting obsession–I even I broke my resolution and bought yarn, after Melanie tempted me with the words sale and bamboo and silk. Love. So soft and cool, so wonderful to wear next to the skin in the hot summer months in Georgia.
Here’s the progress so far. Before you get too excited or scandalized, please note that I am wearing a bra in the picture. Nothing to see in the yarn overs in the bodice. Move along.
Knitted camisole progress
The yarn–Ella Rae Bamboo Silk–isn’t quite the gauge I thought when I bought it, so I did the math and am actually making the third size up in order to have something the smallest size. So far it fits pretty well. I think the ribbon that will go under the bust will help cinch it in. I think I’ll need to invest in a red bra.
It seems a pretty clever pattern. There’s one error to watch for (see Ravelry for details–in the bust the YOs should be every other RS row, or every fourth row). And the instructions for shaping the front top sections are condensed in a way I find annoying–they ask me to keep track of three different things at once, and I am not good at that, not at all, and that part went slowly. If I make it again, I will take the time to write out what to do each row, save myself time in the long run. I also joined the top sides before I picked up stitches for the lace pattern, and I’m knitting that part in the round.
Okay, going to try to get one more row in before sleep wins this fight.

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