Garden of Eatin’

It has made me so very happy to work in a vegetable garden again. I love hanging out with my folks and helping things grow and dreaming of eating. The garden is starting to flower and bear fruit! Here’s a bean blossom.
Bean blossom
And some green tomatoes. I can’t wait to eat these.
Green tomatoes
Today we set in an asparagus bed. The optimum time to do this is earlier in the year, but I think it will work well anyway. Daddy tilled up the soil and then carved six-inch-deep trenches.
Future site of asparagus rows
Then we set in the asparagus crowns, which look like this.
Asparagus, just beginning
We spread the roots out flat and set them along the bottom of the trenches. Then we added this, a mixture of soil and horse manure, mostly the latter. Our friend Lanier, aka Sweet Boy, provided the manure, as he and his wife now have many lovely horses.
Soil mixed with horse manure
We covered them with around three inches of this mix, and we’ll go back later and fill in a bit more. Then we watered.
Asparagus trenches done and watered
Now we just have to wait three years. . . .

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