Wisteria Is the Devil

My yard might be getting a bit overrun with wild. Here’s Corabelle, for scale.
Jungle chicken
So despite the heat, I got out this weekend, armed with funky groovin music and SPF 70 and gloves, and I attacked the evil wisteria and ivy and briars.
The mighty warrior faces the wisteria and briars
I worked until I gave out both Saturday and Sunday, and I managed to clear out the bed along one side of the fence in the backyard. The easiest side. It started out like this.
Backyard--Before wisteria and briars were attacked
And now it looks like this, which, granted, looks pretty pitiful, but in fact is a vast improvement. All the undergrowth is out, and the forsythia has been trimmed back for the first time in who knows how long, so now it will spring forth green and bushy and lovely. You gotta use your imagination.
Backyard--After wisteria and briars attacked

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  1. The Professor says:

    Triumph over the evil wisteria…yea!!!! Go Courtney 🙂

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