Finally Finished the Last Few Stitches

Look, here’s a photo of my forearm!
Ms. Marigold, at last
And just behind my forearm is my finally finished Ms. Marigold. Knit with soft alpaca silk. According to my Ravelry notes, I started this project in July 2006, pretty soon after I saw Carrie’s cute sweater. I had it mostly finished, but the finishing touches kept messing up. I didn’t care for the ribbed bottom edge, so I tried moss stitch. Did not work. At all. Bought books with edges and searched and searched and finally realized I just wanted garter. And I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.
Next, the neckline. I tried garter stitch to match the bottom. Um. No. The ribs are necessary there to sort of gather the neckline. At least on me. Rip, rib, hooray!
Tried to rib the arm holes too, but they came out teeny teeny tiny. So I ripped it, let it sit. Let it sit. Pulled it out. Put it away again. Finally pulled it out again, managed to find someone with page 3, since I’d lost that bit and didn’t want to pay again for the pattern, and finally just did the two single-crochet rows. Love it! I was planning on doing the ruffles and have just enough yarn left, but I’m so happy with it as it is now, I think I’ll skip them.

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  1. scrappy says:

    i am trying to work up my enthusiasm to start on my first sweater or some sort, but i have lost my momentum. (too cold to knit?) i was looking at the february lady sweater, but the ms. marigold might be a better (smaller) start.

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