Music and Its Relation to My Age

I have not been blogging much lately. And it’s not that I haven’t been busy and doing lots of things. I just think those things sound boring and not worth sharing. For instance, I watched a lot of Battlestar Gallactica the other night while finishing knitting baby bunny bootees. Okay, okay, you can wake up now. Maybe this will be amusing. These are pictures from Alison and Mike’s crunk party. Mike and I reprised our country karaoke duet stylings to sing “Take Me Home, Country Roads” to a video game.
Country rooooooads, take me hooooome
Fortunately for you, the Professor did not record audio. Fortunately for everyone there, my microphone was turned off most of the song. Notice my shoes are off. I had a total of half a white Russian at this point, a perfect drink mixed by Melanie.
Karaoke with Mike at the Crunk Party
After that, I took the Professor to the 40 Watt for the first time to hear Vic Chesnutt. We saw Sarah and Mindy and Erica and Sam there. It was great music, but I felt ancient. I can’t take the volume (was too tired to go buy earplugs at the bar), the late hours (Vic didn’t start till near one), and the smoke (ban, my ass). The music was great but I was worn out and unpleasant. Mindy pointed out my error was that I stopped drinking white Russians. True.
The first time I saw Vic Chesnutt, I was sixteen. At the Downstairs. Nick took me. And I met Alex Ragland that night. That was almost twenty years ago. And even then I didn’t get to see but one or two songs because I had to get home for my curfew. Was I ever young enough to handle the Athens music scene?
Robert Earl Keen is coming to Athens this Friday. I am dying to go, but I know I can’t handle the hours. My brother is going to see him in Atlanta on Saturday. It’s sold out, but if my brother can manage to find me a ticket–he does have his ways–I’ll go too. I think I can handle Atlanta hours. To revise REK’s famous lyrics to fit me: The road goes on a little ways, the party ends around midnight.

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