Tombs and Plumes

I saw many wonderful things this weekend, including exhibitions on King Tut and the terra cotta soldiers from China. Both sets of artifacts were magnificent, both tombs insane but beautiful in their elaborateness, but photos were not allowed. However, I could take photos at the Yellow River Game Ranch, so I did. Lots and lots. Mostly of peacocks. Here are a few.
Showy albino peacock. And me.
Me next to an albino peacock
A view from the back
Albino peacock from behind
The Professor petting a bunny
The Professor pets a bunny
Here is the home of General Beauregard Lee, the groundhog who predicts spring for the South. He was not taking visitors.
Home of groundhog General Beauregard Lee
One of about a billion chickens
The end
Peacock tail

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2 Responses to Tombs and Plumes

  1. Carrie says:

    ooh, the albino peacock is so awesome! and also, foxes are the cutest animals ever.

  2. Chatty Ali says:

    that picture of the pig is HILARIOUS. It cries out for a caption… something like “basement pig will steal your soul” or “i no can haz diet, more apple cores please” but far more clever. Also, turkeys are ugly, foxes are adorable, and albino peacocks are WAY AWESOME!

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