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Photography is one of the Professor’s passions, so when we started planning the wedding, securing a good photographer was one of the first items on the to-do list. We happen to have several friends who are amazing photographers (such as Carrie, Jacob, Sheni, Kate, and so on), so of course we first thought of asking one of them, but then we decided we wanted our friends to get to have fun at the wedding, dance, play croquet, drink the fancy wine, eat lots of food and cake, so we turned to Google. And we found Cayce Callaway. And we fell instantly in love with her work. And instantly contacted her and managed to book her. She is awesome. Seriously, check out her site. She also has a blog with a lot of helpful tips. And she’s really nice and creative and fun to work with.
We met with her on a chilly day in January at a park near Fernbank to have engagement pictures taken. I forget the name of the park now (though the Professor has reminded me several times, and it was a site we considered for the wedding, but my brain is especially sievelike lately). Anyway, we walked to a few different spots, tried different things, had a lot of fun, and she took a number of shots. We got them pretty soon thereafter (you may have seen where she put them on Facebook), and they were amazing. We look like a commercial for love.
Engagement shot of me on the Professor's back by Cayce Callaway
Compare, for instance, a photo I took the same day with my camera. Yawn.
Nonprofessional photo
I can’t wait to see what she does with our wedding. And I’m insisting that the Professor and I have babies right away so she can photograph them too. The adorableness. I can’t stand it!
Also about photography, the Professor read about an idea to do a guest book with a Polaroid camera, so folks can take their pictures and it can be added with their comment. Fun, but who can find a Polaroid anymore? So we thought it would be fun to set up some sort of photo booth with a digital camera, maybe a printer, maybe a backdrop, and let folks take their own pictures while they wait for us to have ours taken by Cayce. I went to Chip and Beth and asked their advice about how to pull off such a thing, and they said Jocelyn had asked them the same thing the week before. They also pointed out that a printer might be problematic, likely to jam up, that it would be better to send folks their pictures with thank you notes or Christmas cards. Wise words. We mentioned the amorphous photo booth idea to Cayce and learned she was already buying equipment for this very purpose. So it seems we came up with an idea already well established. Anyway, Cayce is going to help us out, and we’re still working out the details, and I welcome your suggestions. Have you ever been to a wedding or event with a photo booth? (Besides prom at Chip’s–I already know that brilliant example.) What worked and what didn’t? Or if you haven’t been to such an event, what do you imagine would work or wouldn’t? Outlandish ideas are encouraged, if not taken seriously.

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5 Responses to Wedding Photography

  1. Sara says:

    I haven’t been to a wedding with a photo booth, but I’ve heard that you can rent them. Not sure if it’s cost effective, but it sure would be fun! Good luck.

  2. One thing that I’ve heard of people doing and I wish that we had done at our wedding is to have someone with a camcorder walk around and ask everyone in attendance for advice for the newlyweds. That was you’d end up with a fun video memory and maybe some funny and helpful advice.

  3. Becky says:

    I was at a wedding with a photo booth. They took all the photos (the b&W strips) and scanned them before they gave them to you. So the guests got to keep them AND the bride and groom had copies of them all!!!
    SO SO SO sad I will not be there. 🙁

  4. Rachael says:

    You DO look like a commercial for love! How great. (Also, I’m sure everyone’s told you this trick, but our favorite things was putting a disposable camera on every table at our wedding — the guests shot themselves, and we got way more photos of our guests having a blast than we would have without doing that….)

  5. Lara says:

    That is a beautiful picture! I think a photo booth is a FABULOUS idea. I know they rent the photo strip booths (as someone previously mentioned), but I think they’re somewhere between $1000-$2000 🙁 Crazy expensive, but if you could scrape up the money, the memories would be priceless. I looove photo booth pics.

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