Snapshots of San Jose, Costa Rica

The Professor and I had just a few short hours one day in San Jose between other stops, but we managed to get downtown and walk around a bit.
It was a busy city, and on that Friday afternoon, the town squares were filling with locals and country folk in town to see what entertainment and interactions the city would offer. There were children jumping rope together and a lot of folks just sitting on benches. There was a proselytizer with an amplifier saying “hermano” a lot and singing, and folks were gathered around listening to him, all looking completely and utterly bored and tuned out, but I guess he was something to watch. There was a woman yelling in the streets, and we were a bit scared of her, but eventually we pieced together that one of her dogs had wandered off. The dog finally appeared, and we saw that it and her other dog were wearing outfits of the same material but slightly different design. We were still kind of scared but at least she stopped yelling. There were parrots everywhere, functioning as pigeons, but more colorful, and louder.
We managed to get into the Museo del Oro before it closed, which had amazing pre-Columbian artifacts. My favorites were the gold frogs, like this one, which seems a precursor for the Hypnotoad.
One of many fantastic golden frogs in the Museo del Oro
And then there was this bus. I love the juxtaposition of a bleeding Jesus, a Playboy bunny and women silhouettes, the souped up mufflers, and the sign that this is a bus for students. Students of what, exactly, I wonder.
I love all the stickers on this bus
We found this painted cow, and I assume, as in many cities, there are others painted differently scattered about.
The Professor and a vaca
Many of the buildings were painted bright colors, and there were fanciful and fantastic murals everywhere, including this mosaic of broken dishes under a bridge.
Mosaic of broken dishes
Such a colorful city.

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  1. Alison says:

    THE HYPNO-TOAD!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! great photos! 🙂

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