Making Ice Cream with the Professor

I’ve been holding a knitting/crocheting night every other Wednesday for a while now here in Atlanta. We’ve had a really great turn out, and it’s been so much fun to reconnect with my Atlanta friends. We’ve been drinking up the leftover wedding wine, and I usually try to cook something or other. This week I decided to make ice cream after reading about a Bittersweet Chocolate and Hazelnut Gelato recipe. Here I am grinding toasted hazelnuts with sugar.
Grinding toasted hazelnuts and sugar
Melting chocolate and sugar in milk.
Bittersweet chocolate, sugar, and milk
After I mixed all of the ingredients and cooled the result, I put it in my ice cream maker, and it made a very, very rich dessert. Meanwhile, I also made a vanilla recipe–the better to put toppings on, including our homemade kahlua–and since we have only one ice cream maker, the Professor stepped in with a solution to freeze it: liquid nitrogen. Evidently if you submerge the ice cream into liquid nitrogen, you get dipping dots. If you pour liquid nitrogen into the ice cream, you freeze it very quickly. Here he is pouring the liquid nitrogen into the vanilla ice cream mixture, while I stand by to stir, only I was too afraid to stand close enough and do it properly. (Thanks to Kate for taking these pictures.)
The Professor pouring liquid nitrogen into the ice cream mix
Here’s the Professor stirring it. You can see little round drops on the table–that’s the still-liquid nitrogen.
The Professor mixing liquid nitrogen with vanilla ice cream
He poured out what little was left in the container on the back porch.
Liquid nitrogen turning to gas on porch floor
The vanilla ice cream didn’t look so great when we were done, since I failed to stir it as rapidly as needed since I didn’t want to stand in the same room as the scary cold stuff, but it turned out delicious.
Next I guess I should try bagels. Chip has inspired me.

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2 Responses to Making Ice Cream with the Professor

  1. chip says:

    That looks fun! Maybe I should become an Atlanta knitter.

  2. Rima Aranha says:

    That is so cool! My husband loves making ice cream.

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