Goodbye, Sweet Grendel

We had to say goodbye to Grendel today. He was quite ill and clearly in some pain. We got help from several great vets, and ultimately we ended up at St. Francis Animal Hospital for an ultrasound, and Dr. Smallwood and her staff helped us. Here he is awaiting ultrasound.
Goodbye, sweet Grendel
After the ultrasound it became clear that the only merciful treatment was euthanasia, and Dr. Smallwood and her staff helped us again, and as far as those things go, it was the best of all worlds. We had a room to ourselves with cozy chairs, and we sat in there with Grendel for thirty of forty-five minutes. The Professor held him and pet him, and I pet him some too, and Grendel was purring and restful and at the most ease he’d been in a couple of days, and he already had an IV so they just put the shot in there, and he peacefully drifted away.
Our hearts are heavy now, which is true when any pet passes, but especially so with Grendel. He was the sweetest cat I’ve ever seen. He was so affectionate, so anxious to be pet that he would come up and rub himself on your shoe or foot while you stood or sat. Such a love. Here he is cuddling with his brother, Meph.
Brotherly love--Meph and Grendel
The Professor got these two almost fifteen years ago, kittens. Despite their very different appearances, they were littermates, and they do have the same green eyes and affectionate streak. Here’s Grendel in better days, enjoying his favorite slant of sunlight.
Grendel enjoying the sunshine
One of Grendel’s most endearing traits was how he would sing over his captured toys. Whenever he’d kill the pink fuzzy thing or fabric mouse, he would carry it around in his mouth and sing a song of his great conquest, a series of very loud meows, each slightly different than the last. Almost like Beowulf composing a song of his heroic feats in battle, instead of like his namesake. We’d try to capture it on video, but every time we came into sight, he would stop, drop his conquest, and trot up for love.
We miss him. A lot.

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5 Responses to Goodbye, Sweet Grendel

  1. The Professor says:

    I miss you baby. I know that you are enjoying many a sunbeam and stuffed mouse in Kitty Heaven. Thank you brightening out lives for so many years.

  2. Cathy says:

    My thoughts remain with you. I will miss him eating my hair as I tried to sleep.

  3. Charity & Bob says:

    This is a lovely remembrance of a truly delightful cat. We, too, will miss him. Give Meph an extra hug for us.
    I guess my own favorite memory of Grendel was the way he used to love to play with my hair while I was on the floor doing my knee exercises. I don’t know whether he liked the smell of my shampoo or the springiness of my curls, but it fascinated him – and delighted me.
    May all the fuzzy stuffed mice in kitty heaven have curly hair…

  4. Carrie says:

    I’m so sorry, Courtney. Grendel sounds like such a fantastic cat, and I’m sure he is in kitty heaven, singing his songs to all the other cats!

  5. Jane says:

    I just saw your post about Grendel, Courtney. Very sad to hear. I’ll be thinking about you and the Professor. Thanks for the note you posted earlier on you-know-what. Love, Jane

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