Blog Blahs

I seem to have lost all interest in blogging. I think I’m not alone. Maybe it’s due to the rise of Facebook and Twitter, the short quick interface with lots of folks at once. Maybe it’s I’m too busy settling into and discovering a new place. But I’ve been doing this for almost ten years, so it is hard to stop altogether. Perhaps the disinterest will pass. In the meantime, here are a few things I’ve been up to.
Thanks to my friend Leslie for letting me know about Paolo’s, a fantastic gelato shop in Virginia Highlands. Delicious! I have been eating ice cream or gelato–homemade or otherwise–almost every day. Life is good.
On Labor Day I went to the farm and helped make pear preserves. Most of us left with a couple dozen jars, and we also took home sliced pears frozen to cook in winter for a side of sweetness. I also was given several Comice pears to eat, and they were juicy and divine. Ahhh. I didn’t get particularly great pictures of the preserve making, plus I’ve posted those before, so here is a picture of the cows on the farm instead. The Charolais in the center staring me down has a large calf at her side.
Cows in the shade
The Professor and I tried the new Savage Pizza in Avondale Estates, and it was pretty tasty. However, no pizza will ever compare to DaVinci’s, so it is almost always a let down for me. I have bought semolina and bread flour and yeast and some other stuff and am going to try making pizza dough at home. It still won’t be DaVinci’s, but maybe I can come closer. I would definitely go back to Savage though. They are decorated with a comic book theme. Here you can see me, the Professor, and Thor’s groin.
The Professor and me at the new Savage Pizza in Avondale Estates (also pictured, Thor's groin)
Last night I dined with Sarah and Kate, and then I went with Sarah to the Atlanta Screenwriters Group, which was really interesting. It made me want to write a screenplay, for about the thirty minutes it took me to drive home. I think it would be fun to play with the genre. My friend Rob has inspired me a lot too. But mostly I just want to watch movies and knit. Lately I’ve watched Serenity (after rewatching Firefly on Hulu), On the Waterfront, Doubt, Foxy Brown, and The 39 Steps, all of which I strongly recommend.
Well, I reckon I best get back to work. I’ll try to post more often and more briefly here in the future. Now that I’ve written a post, I have lots more ideas for posts. In the meantime, I’m not that active on Twitter, but you can follow me there–I’m CourtneySpies.

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