Buns in the Oven

The other day I decided to try making cinnamon rolls from scratch. I’d seen pictures in the red-and-white-checked Better Homes and Gardens cookbook and was intrigued. So I mixed up the dough, rolled it out, and spread it with melted butter and cinnamon and sugar. Next time I’ll just let the butter get really soft and spread twice as much as the recipe calls for. Butter is what it’s all about.
Dough with butter and cinnamon sugar
Then I rolled the dough and used a thread wrapped around to cut the rolls without flattening them.
Using thread to cut the rolls
Then I let them rise a bit longer. (See this picture to see them before they rose, if you like.)
Rolls after rising
Then they were baked. Yum.
Rolls after baking, up close
Then I drizzled them with a very easy icing.
Rolls with icing drizzled
They were pretty good. Just not as buttery and gooey as I would like.
Meanwhile, the Professor and I have a different sort of bun in the oven, should be just right around June 14. It’s been really difficult keeping this exciting news to ourselves, but we wanted to make sure it was getting a good start and to tell our parents in person first, which we did the other night by giving them wrapped frames with sonogram pictures. I’ve had some mild nausea and fatigue, but it’s been much easier than I expected, except for a bug I just got but thankfully seem to be over. (I’m really glad that I got the seasonal flu and H1N1 shots, because a simple stomach bug was miserable–I can’t even imagine the flu.) The Professor has been really sweet and supportive and has taken good care of me. For now we’re calling the bun Sprout, given his or her resemblance to a fledgling bean. We should be able to find out the sex in nine weeks or so.
Meanwhile, my belly is pushing against all my pants. I need maternity clothing advice. Where can I get cheap clothes, and what are essential maternity wardrobe items?

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5 Responses to Buns in the Oven

  1. delia says:

    I’ve been reading/lurking your blog for awhile now and I wanted to say congrats! I’m baking my own bun that’s due on June 13 as well 😉

  2. Carrie says:

    Congrats again, Courtney! I’m so happy for you guys. and also I would like a cinnamon bun.
    For clothes: I’ve had really good luck with Old Navy online and Kohl’s. I got a pair of maternity jeans at Kohl’s that I wear all the time. Other outfits I wear constantly: a stretchy maternity dress (usually Old Navy or Target) with maternity leggings (Old Navy or Target), skirts with stretchy/foldover waistbands, and stretchy camisoles (the camis are really good for wearing under regular shirts that still mostly fit, but that might be getting too short because your belly is getting bigger!). I bet you could get some awesome deals on the day after Thanksgiving!

  3. Lara says:

    Awww, congrats, girlie!!! YAY 🙂

  4. Laurie d. says:

    I can’t help with the maternity clothes BUT I think that you’ve made a good call on the butter! I bought a loaf of Trader Joe’s asiago cheese and cracked pepper bread and ate half the loaf yesterday for breakfast AND lunch. Of course, butter was involved!

  5. Leslie Gordon says:

    Re: maternity clothes – Old Navy online (some stores), Target, Ann Taylor Loft (didn’t have them when I was pregnant – boo!), Gap online (some stores). And one “tool” that helped me a lot was a Bella band. These are basically spandex tubes that you wear around your belly and they serve many wonderful purposes. In the beginning you can use them to cover the buttons/zippers you can’t close on regular clothes. Later on they help hold up maternity pants that might slide down your belly (depending on the type of waistband the pants have). And after birth you can use them to hold up maternity pants you might wear for a little bit because they are loose and comfy but too big in the waist. And what’s more – I still find occasional uses for mine! They come in several colors and there are a few brands I think (Bella was one of the first), including a brand that I noticed recently at Target. The best thing I ever bought at a pricey maternity boutique was a pair of black “flowy” pants with a roll-over waist. I almost choked over spending $80 on what seemed like nothing more than gauze but they were sooooooo comfy and now I call them my Magic Pants b/c they also fit a regular body! So if you can find anything similar, go for it! Oh, and another tip: don’t go overboard on maternity sweaters and such b/c you will be very warm most of the time.

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