Water, Lots and Lots of Water

While the Professor’s folks and sister were here for Thanksgiving, we all went to the aquarium. They’d all been before but it was my first trip and I absolutely loved it. I know I’m the last person in the state to go, but if you haven’t been before, you should see it. And invite me for company. I didn’t take many pictures, was too busy taking in all the motion and color, but I did get a picture of the amazing shark whales. (Here’s another with people in the foreground for a general sense of scale.)
Whale Shark at the aquarium
Alas, my pictures of the penguins–ahem–procreating turned out blurry.
Also, right before the Professor’s folks arrived, we discovered that our upstairs bathroom had been leaking into our downstairs bathroom. So our shower and our main guest room shower were off limits. Fortunately this house is crazy big, so we did still have one working shower, which we all five used, without much mishap.
The tub upstairs was just installed in 2005 and has only really been used since June. But it developed a crack. How, why? Because it was completely and utterly improperly installed. The silver lining is that the leak caused damage downstairs, so we get to replace this stellar tile job.
I will be glad to see this horribly installed tile replaced
The bathrooms are in between demolition and reconstruction right now. The new tub was installed–closing up the big hole in the floor/ceiling–and new tile goes in tomorrow. Thankfully I’ve had easy access to a toilet this whole time (even when I had to dodge the hole in the floor and demo and tools), which is very very important for a pregnant lady, in case you didn’t know.

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