Me and the Beanstalk

Here’s my torso, at eighteen weeks pregnant. Sprout is really starting to take off, and I think the evident growth from here on out is going to be pretty fast.
Me, 18 weeks pregnant
Everything seems to be going well. I’m enjoying a reprieve from tiredness here in the second trimester, and my nesting and organization instincts are full force. I’m reading a lot about the very large, very convoluted, and very lingo-heavy world of cloth diapers. It’s a glamorous life.

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2 Responses to Me and the Beanstalk

  1. The Professor says:

    Hey Sprout!!!!

  2. kay k says:

    I’d like to be this size – and I’m not pregnant!! also, on the cloth diapers – I tried that for about 30 minutes with my first baby – 30 years ago!!good luck!!

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