Meet Magical Mister Mephistopheles

Here is Meph (short for Mephistopheles), the Professor’s cat, my step-cat, voicing his complaints to our unborn son.
Meph talking to Sprout
For several weeks now, Sprout has had hearing, and no doubt he’s heard Meph’s loud, loud wailing. We’re hoping this means Sprout will be used to the sound once he’s here, so the kitty won’t constantly wake him.
Meph is fourteen years old, lost his brother and companion last year, and is even more needy for attention than ever. Which would be less of a problem if I weren’t allergic to him, and all he wants to do is sit on us and rub against our faces. He’s an absolute love. Who whines painfully loudly whenever he thinks you should be rubbing him and you are not. In the wee hours. When he sees you. When he doesn’t see you. When you are on the phone on another floor of the house and the person on the line asks, “Is that a baby crying?” We pet and love on him a lot, even me (followed by vigorous hand washing), but it’s just not enough. Will be interesting to see how he and Sprout get along. By the looks of this picture, they’re already conspiring.

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2 Responses to Meet Magical Mister Mephistopheles

  1. Stacia says:

    Aw, what a sweet pea! I can tell he and Zebulon are already working out a rattle-sharing schedule. => (Also, we often say our cat is a dog trapped in a feline body because of all the attention he requires.)

  2. maureen says:

    So cute. I’m sure he’s just preparing you for the realities of having a baby. Newborns demand constant attention and he wants you to be ready! 😉 (of course, my older kids seem to as well…every time I try to get on the phone, suddenly all I can hear is “Mom? Mom? Mom? MOM???” So you’ll be well prepared thanks to Meph!

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