Guarding the Garden

Earlier this week, before I lost my voice to illness, which I picked up, of course, at the pediatrician’s office, from the pediatrician herself, I suspect, when the Professor and I took the baby in for his immunizations, I was reading tales by Beatrix Potter to Sprout. And I came to realize how heavily didactic they are: respect your elders and don’t stray where you aren’t allowed and always wear your raincoat when it rains OR YOU WILL DIE! Or at least lose your tail and be switched and almost get eaten by a giant trout. The collection included, of course, tales about bunny rabbits misbehaving and going into Mr. McGregor’s garden. And then I looked out my window and what do I see lounging next to my vegetables? Peter Rabbit himself, or perhaps Benjamin Bunny.
Peter Rabbit chillaxin in my garden
He’s already lost his coat. He’s going to be in serious trouble when he gets home.
I'm about to go all Mr. McGregor on this rabbit

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2 Responses to Guarding the Garden

  1. There’s a large group of rabbits that live on the hill behind our apartment building. They haven’t gotten into any of my containers, but the chipmunks have. I haven’t been able to photograph the rabbits, yet. They move fast.

  2. Stacia says:

    At least maybe he got himself a delicious garden snack before heading home for his punishment. =>

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