Spaceman Sprout

Inspired by this adorable Web site, I decided to create some space scenes and set Sprout in them and take pictures to hang in his nursery. I have lots of ideas, including images from Star Wars and Star Trek, maybe BSG, as well as other star themes, and my friend Susanna, who studies molecules in space, has some ideas as well. But I started with the moon landing. The Professor took the photos. And here is what we got.
Spaceman Sprout
Ain’t he just the cutest? And here’s another.
The black space is an old dust ruffle. The moon is a beautiful blanket crocheted in a Queen Anne’s Lace pattern by our friend Kristy. The blue stars are from the mobile in Sprout’s Pack N Play. The yellow stars are Post-It notes (they came star-shaped). Earth is a turquoise Fiestaware lunch plate with variegated philodendron leaves for land and torn paper towel bits for ice caps and polyester stuffing for clouds. The flag is one I collected after a July Fourth parade years ago. The space helmet is a plastic plate (idea stolen from the aforementioned Web site’s space picture). His spacesuit is footy pajamas with robots.
Would love to hear other ideas for space scenes to set him in–and ways to create them with items from around the house. How would I ever do a Firefly scene? Sprout does have several pairs of cowboy boots. Hmmm.

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