Catching Up

A while back, I said I’d post pictures from the Fourth of July. Guess it’s about time I did. Here are four generations: Gran, Daddy, me, and Sprout, plus my mom and the Professor.
Four generations on July 4
We picked a lot of blueberries, which were amazingly delicious. We froze some so that Sprout can have some farm berries as soon as he starts eating solids. We also got some cuttings of the old blueberry bushes and tried to start them with Rootone. They don’t look like they’ve made it, but we haven’t given up yet!
May as well catch up since July Fourth too. In early August, after I picked the Professor up from the airport, Sprout started wailing to eat, so we took an exit and followed signs to a Chick-fil-A and ended up at the original Chick-fil-A–the Dwarf House in Hapeville. Here’s Sprout by the Dwarf door.
The Professor and Theo at the Dwarf House in Hapeville
My maternal grandparents brought me here several times, and I had a huge wave of memories of them, and there were some happy tears shed. I wish they could have met Sprout. I ate mac and cheese, collards, and really good fried okra and drank sweet tea. Not something you can get at most Chick-fil-As.
My supper at the Dwarf House in Hapeville
We tried to get pictures of the animated wall art of dwarves mining for treasure, but they didn’t turn out.
Since then we’ve taken probably several thousand pictures of Sprout. Here’s one I got in his car seat as we arrived at the Your DeKalb Farmers Market.
Sleepy Sprout
I took Sprout to Athens while the Professor was away for a meeting, and it coincided with a new deposition for the boy who broke into my house a couple of years ago–evidently he did not take the dramatic arrest (and applause of my neighbors) as a sign to change his ways. My mom went with me to the courthouse, thank goodness, because I needed help getting through with Sprout and the stroller, and we waited an hour only to find out that the boy didn’t show up. The attorneys came out and apologized for wasting my time and showed me the boy’s giant file. They said he’s not a thug, but he has bad influences and seems to revel in those bad influences. He’s seventeen now, so he doesn’t have much chance to turn it around before there will be more severe consequences. I do hope he will find his way, but alas, I will not be surprised if I hear otherwise.
Anyway, while we were there I took a picture of Sprout outside the courthouse. I joked that it better be his last time at juvenile court! The Professor agreed but pointed out that it would be okay if he is a lawyer.
Theo's first (and better be last) time at juvenile court
On a more pleasant note, while in Athens, I got to lunch with some of my fabulous wonderful knitting friends! Hooray!
Carrie, Sarah, Meredith, Alison, and Anne Marie at Mama's Boy
What else? Let’s see. The Professor and I have hosted a couple of movie nights. Several friends said they wanted to watch Buffy, so we told them to bring bottles of liquor that were random leftovers and we’d combine and have a wacky bar. We got to be creative and get rid of clutter. I believe it was called “I Vant to Drink Your Crazy Cocktails.” There was also popcorn. And much joke cracking and idolatry of Joss Whedon. I guess Sprout’s answer to Cordelia’s question “What’s your childhood trauma?” would be “One time my parents threw this party. . . .”
The Buffy viewing portion of the I Vant to Drink Your Crazy Cocktails party
I didn’t get a picture of the last movie viewing, The Godfather. I believe that one was “An Invitation You Can’t Refuse.” (I like the obvious.) We ordered in pizza and everyone brought some wine and we shared and watched the movie. Well, as with the Buffy viewing, I was upstairs with Sprout a lot, but fortunately I’ve seen all before so I could pop in and out without missing too much. So I’ll use that as an excuse to share more pictures of Sprout! Here he is as a disdainful hipster.
Hipster baby is disdainful
And here he is laughing with his daddy. He loves loves loves for us to help him stand.
Theo laughs with Daddy
Labor Day weekend was gorgeous. The Professor and Sprout and I went on several walks, including one to the neighborhood park. I tested out the jungle gym.
On the jungle gym at our neighborhood park
The Professor and Sprout enjoyed a swing.
Daddy and Theo at the playground
Then that Monday we went to the farm for the annual Pear Day. The Professor was a dynamo peeling pears. I cut pears and helped Aunt Joan with the cooking and jarring. It was a long hot wonderfully fun day. We went and ate scuppernongs and muscadines off the vine–heaven–and then posed with Sprout on the fence.
With Theo on the farm fence at the close of Pear Day
I think that pretty much catches me up. I’m pretty good about posting stuff over at Facebook, a bit less so at Flickr, and much less so here. Maybe I’ll stop posting here. It’s still a mess from when I tried to post that link for that stupid yarn pal fiasco. In some ways it just repeats what I’ve posted elsewhere. But not completely. I don’t know. I don’t have time for it, and yet, I can’t quite quit you, blog.

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