Ending January Awesomely

So, we bought a Ms. Pac-Man.

Driving her home

Did we need one? No.

Do we have anywhere to put it? No, not really.

Is it really cool? Why yes, it is.

The Heritage Amusement Company was going out of business (I assume) and was getting rid of all their stock. This is the place that was behind the Nite Owl Lounge on the Atlanta Highway. It appeared that people came from all around the area because it was crowded. Crowd Crowd

Pinball machines, slot machines, juke boxes, cars, cigarette machines, video games, and video poker machines. If you could stick a quarter in it, it was for sale.

We got there early and looked around. Immediately, I wanted a video game but I had no idea how much they would go for. When the pinball machines started going for $2000 – $3000, we decided it was too rich for our blood. But, a Star Trek one would have been pretty sweet.
Star Trek Pinball Baywatch Pinball

We left and went to La Parrilla for lunch, bought some crap at Target, and got comics at Wuxtry. We got home and had just settled in to watch “Heavy” when @millia13 called to say that they had just gotten to all the video games and that there were some deals.
We got back in the care and drove back out there to check it out. What I really wanted was a Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga but those were all going for $500-$800. I happened to be standing by a Ms. Pac-Man that was a little beat up when the auctioneer got around to it and nobody was really bidding. I bid $150 and ended up getting it. We stayed a bit longer hoping to get one in better shape but nothing else went for as cheap.

Of course, the next challenge was getting it home. We borrowed Keith’s truck the next day and Scrappy and I went to fetch the new baby.
Picking up the new toy

Our neighboor helped us unload it at home (thank goodness we have nice neighbors). At first I was annoyed that the sound didn’t work, but thanks to the 1982 Ms. Pac-Man service guide we discovered stuffed inside, I learned how to turn up the sound and set it for free games.
Ms. Pac-Man at home

Now that we have Skee-Ball *and* Ms. Pac-Man, I think the next step is either :

1. Outdoor wooden roller coaster
2. That game where you shoot water and make the clowns hat go up high

Y’all let us know when you want to come over and play.