Waffle House Museum

Beth took me to the Waffle House museum last weekend and we learned HISTORY. About WAFFLE HOUSE.


We didn’t wait in line to get historically accurate waffles because we (surprisingly) have a Waffle House near us. But people waited.


Then we met a bunch of people at My Parent’s Basement and looked at comics, ate food, and played video games.


Now I want a waffle.


a group of people sitting at a desk in a room

So, Matthew downloaded the Seeing AI app which looks at something and describes it.

It pretty much pegged the Help Desk Mission Statement:


Ages are off but emotions are right on:


But it reading Aly’s coke amused me the most. Not even sure it is entirely appropriate:


Thanks, AI! I look forward to you controlling us all one day.

Flag Cake # 1 : Oh Canada Maple Bacon Buttermilk Cake

Canada Cake

I promised Amy a flag cake a month for an unspecified amount of time. I have at least accomplished part of this task. My first country was our neighbor to the north, Canada. It’s the home of good things (Degrassi) and awful things (Rush).

Since there was a maple leaf, I had to go with maple flavor. And then there is Canadian bacon but I didn’t use that. I used American bacon because it is good and we all share a continent so it counts.

So, one country down and like five or six more to go.

I promised Amy a flag cake a month. Cake # 1 :Maple Bacon Canada Cake.


Installed a smart lock at home so we can live in the future. Also, Game of Thrones starts back. Head is healing fine. 

Need a Do-Over

So, decided to wear my glasses today even though they fog up in the summer. And my watch didn’t charge for some reason. We went to Ideal Bagel and I was going to put my watch in the trunk to charge while we were inside. 

Well my glasses fogged up while I was leaning in so I didn’t see the trunk door as I rammed my head into it. 

Then inside I am telling Beth how some days you just need to start over and then I spilled the cream everywhere. 

So, long story shortish, keep away today or you may be sucked into the bad luck vortex. 

The amnesia is nice because I have forgotten who these weird people in my office are.

Hit my head.