Need a Do-Over

So, decided to wear my glasses today even though they fog up in the summer. And my watch didn’t charge for some reason. We went to Ideal Bagel and I was going to put my watch in the trunk to charge while we were inside. 

Well my glasses fogged up while I was leaning in so I didn’t see the trunk door as I rammed my head into it. 

Then inside I am telling Beth how some days you just need to start over and then I spilled the cream everywhere. 

So, long story shortish, keep away today or you may be sucked into the bad luck vortex. 

The amnesia is nice because I have forgotten who these weird people in my office are.

Hit my head.

Update for Aly

Matthew ate Taco Bell and felt bad. One cat at hospital, one back home. We are going to track Matthew’s sodium since he doesn’t have the tick red meat allergy. 

My No-Travel Blog

Update : We didn’t buy a lake house, I have upgraded to a better spiralizer, and need to do Whole 30 again because I have eaten a lot more than peanuts.

Alyssa (student worker/not a failure) is travelling in Thailand for a month and is keeping a travel blog so I told her I would keep a no-travel blog while she was gone.

But I have this perfectly good blog laying around so I might as well use it.

So, for the next month I will try to fill Aly in on what she is missing.

Not A Failure

Don’t Tell

I just ate a handful of honey roasted peanuts. Don’t tell the #whole30 police. In other news, my spiralizer comes today so I hope Beth likes spiralized EVERYTHING.

I’m driving to Anderson, SC on Saturday to look at former roommate Betsy’s lake house she is selling. So, that would be a thing.

Made it to February

We’ve made it to February. I’ve eaten non-whole30 foods for a few days and we are about to start Round 2 tomorrow morning.

Amy and Beth still haven’t made their podcast yet. Get to it, ladies!

This is what I looked like a few minutes ago :

Chip in February 2017

That’s all for now.


I ate taco stand. Burrito and quesadilla. And a Diet Coke. I’ll probably go back to whole 30-ness after my little dalliance. 

Alternative Facts

So we are a few days in to Trump’s presidency and we are learning all sorts of things like there being such a thing as alternative facts. Those could have come in handy if they had existed before now. I don’t have any real comments other than the next few years are gonna be rough. 

In whole 30 news, we are finishing day 22. Home stretch. 

Whole 30 Day 20

Just checking in. Today is Inauguration Day. Whole 30 hasn’t killed us yet. 10 more days and then we’ll assess the situation.

Still doing this thing.

I’m not really craving things so I almost wonder if I’m doing it wrong. I’ve adjusted to gross black coffee and cooking is fine. I still don’t have lunches down yet but I’m working on it.

We had this for breakfast:


Sweet potato tuna thing, eggs, guac, salsa. It was good.

Whole 30 – Day 8

It’s actually fine. I don’t really enjoy black coffee as much as my usual (half and half, two splendas) but it is tolerable. We’ve eaten lots of sweet potatoes, salads, chicken, etc. I’ve been using the instant pot a lot. We took a zuppa toscana soup over the Jocelyn’s last night and played Sequence.

We had a “snow day” yesterday. Luckily, we all survived.

I hope we can get down our driveway in all the snow!