Sum Of All Years: 1st Year (Age 0 – 1 Yr)

I stole the idea from Bonnie who in turn stole it from Cliff. You write an autobiography only using the number of words for the years alive you have been for that year.. Is that right? So my first entry shall be:


Lame, but what else is there to say. Pretty important event.

I hung out with Self-Help Susan tonight and as always, she is in the right place at the right time. We realized that we have known each other almost 20 years. Holy Crap. What happened to the cool kids we used to be back in the 1980’s? I need to go to bed but I had caffeine for the first time in weeks and I have been writing most of my 35 entries for Sum of All Years. I have a pretty fun life, I realize, looking back. I trust that the next 35 years will amuse me as much as the last 35. After that, we’ll have to play it by ear. Hopefully, I will have invented time travel by then.

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I stole the idea for this from Bonnie who in turn stole it from Cliff. Write an autobiography where the number of words for each entry must equal the years alive for that entry.

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  1. Bon says:


    Yeah, Cliff created it (he’s the guy I link to in each of the “ital footers” of my posts). Brilliant idea.

    Glad to see you’re doing it too! Yippee!

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