Sum of All Years: Age Confusion

So, I may be off a year. But not really. Susan needs clarification.

My first entry was “Born” which was from birth until my first birthday.

So, the entry lableled 17 was from my 16th birthday until my 17th birthday. It is confusing because it looks like I would be 17 if the entry was called 17 but I was really 16. I should have made a year 0 or something.

Too late now. I’ll fix it somehow.

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3 Responses to Sum of All Years: Age Confusion

  1. Bon says:

    I chose to make “zero” not happen, pretty much. Everything in my year happens after that birthday.

    Extra handy, being born in the summer–so all of my “years” are school years, pretty much.

    I think you have to fudge some, just to get the stuff to line up somehow.

    Just posted the “Miss G. loves Chip!” entry. 😉 Hee hee.

  2. Jocelyn says:

    You know this is a problem we have in SS too. If you AD is after death then when did Jesus live? I may not be making any sense, but if I wake up and draw you a time line then maybe I could explain.

  3. BrYan says:

    Mine is worse. I’m doing calendar years, since they’re what I can verify for some pictures, not what time during the year. So the span between the pictures from some “years” is actually a bit longer than a year.

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