Year In Review 2005

The first line of each month from the 2005 Chip’s Spynotebook Season:

  • I went over to Hamil’s swank bachelor pad and ate a bunch of food that he and Sharon cooked.
  • Whizzing through the Athens Blogosphere like pee on the Taco Stand floor, it’s that damn movie quiz.
  • The AP now provides RSS for those who care about that kind of thing.
  • First off, this is the picture for Jocelyn.
  • First off, in response to Stephanie’s questions in my comments, Katie Holmes was around 4 when Risky Business came out and 7 when Top Gun came out.
  • Now that we know who Deep Throat is, I guess all that remains in the world is for us to figure out who Carly Simon was talking about in “You’re So Vain”.
  • Tera and I are sitting at her new home (which is also Jocelyn’s) watching The N and playing “girl’s night out truth be told Jenga”.
  • I spy Jocelyn and Peter in this picture from Athens 101. I think I do anyway.
  • Robert posted this on his LJ but I thought I would put it here also.
  • I’m back from my world travels.
  • Two years ago or so, a few of us took one picture every hour for most of a day.
  • I stole the idea from Bonnie who in turn stole it from Cliff.

(Thanks, Bonnie)

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