Sum of All Years: 39th Year (Age 38)

39 Words about Age 38:

Swiffer picked Scrappy. Cherry eye. Furlough Day. *LOTS* of weddings. Bagel baking, fence building. Trips: Sapelo, Savannah, Williamsburg, Ocean Isle. DragonCon: Shatner, Nimoy. Read Sookie books. Snowstorm! $1200 for Bee. Boot Camp. Saw Lily, Britney, Brunettes. Denied Oprah chicken.

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I stole the idea for this from Bonnie who in turn stole it from Cliff. Write an autobiography where the number of words for each entry must equal the years alive for that entry.
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  1. Bon says:

    Awesome. Happy birthday, Chip! 🙂 Enjoy your new year.

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