My iPhone Knows What I Did Last Summer

So, I read today about the fact that my iPhone has been tracking me for a while now. Thanks, iPhone! Yeah, I should be bothered by this but instead, I downloaded an app to parse the data and posted the results to Flickr and my blog.

In the first map, we can see my trip to Lake Tahoe, our honeymoon in Vegas, some time spent in Texan airports, and travels north to Amherst, VA and south to Sapelo Island, GA. Lots of spots in Athens, Atlanta, and interstates.


A close up of Lake Tahoe, Reno, and other spots around the California/Nevada border.


A close up of the east coast.
East Coast

If I go anywhere else exciting, my iPhone will be sure to let you know.

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  1. EzraSF says:

    Maybe the next version of iPhone Tracker can look at your FourSquare and similar services for similar maps. Maps of where you admit to being and where you do not would be interesting.

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